92 days


92 days

16 Jul ’19 Teaching 0
Deira International School – Festival City view

I arrived in Dubai 92 days ago, ahead of my family, to start a new role at Deira International School (DIS). Here are a handful of observations from that experience that may have transferable value to schools elsewhere.

DIS operates a staff-buddy system. The simple and proactive act of positive and warm welcome, and then subsequent and informal ‘touching base’ conversations was appreciated. Thank you.

On attending a Ministry of Education presentation, I was struck by the impact of connecting the forth-coming presentation with the strategic aims of the organisation. No slide, from memory, directly and personally addressing the audience struck a cord.

Develop an innovative Education System for a knowledge and global competitive society.


Bilingual strategies are commonly employed. Sections of celebration events, school reports and signage, all presented bilingually.

Wellbeing is firmly on the National and educational agenda.

Being exposed to the cultural diversity of an international school is, in of itself, part of the education. However, it is not taken for granted, it is recognised and promoted.


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