60-30-10 Rule – teams
60-30-10 Rule – teams

60-30-10 Rule – teams

Following on from the post on Team Coaching, here is a short follow-up on the 60-30-10 rule as applied to team. It is particularly relevant to education – and I will explain why after you have a handle on it.

The 60-30-10 rule places the major part of your team leadership energy, 60%, where it will have the most impact. For the most part, that is in the pre-work. Commissioning, creating and “designing a great team design.”

The next most energy, 30%, where it will build on the solid foundation of the 60%. The launch and orientation, understanding how members will work together, what each team member has to offer, and collectively engaging with the group purpose.

The last on 10% on the real-time work of coaching the team. With the essential components in place,with the first two enablers, exacted, their teams research shows that teams are very robust.

Creator. Director. Coach.

In each of the leadership roles I have held, hardly ever have I had the opportunity to be a Creator, rarely ever a Director.

  • Director of Sport – internal appointment. Existing and consistent team. Some direction, however the Academy of Sport had been defined and launched.
  • Director of eLearning – external appointment. Whole school. Direction.
  • Assistant Headteacher – internal appointment. Existing and changing team. Directed by the Headteacher.
  • Vice Principal – external appointment. Changing team. Directed by the Principal. Directed the Curriculum Leaders, a fluid team. Created and directed the timetable team.
  • Headteacher – external appointment. Part created the team. Changing team. Directed the team.

Schools are almost automatically team, a real team, with a compelling purpose. In certain contexts, that may be amplified. Getting the right people, is possibly of the key responsibility of the Headteacher. It may be almost impossible to apply the 60% to school in the broadest senses, means leaders need to make conscious effort to apply their awareness of the 60:30:10 rule for school interventions, projects or tasks. Otherwise, as Ruth Wageman highlighted – you may be better off not having a team at all.

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