Double dip dose of failure
Double dip dose of failure

Double dip dose of failure

Somewhere in the middle of March I snipped this comment. 

ASCL said that over a third of pupils failing to hit this standard means society must “surely question a system which sends out such a negative message to so many young people”.

Geoff Barton goes on to ask “Why do we insist in rubbing their noses in disappointment?” and cautioned against “the grind of compulsory resits.”

That is fair comment. But it is, I believe, more damning and damaging than that.

Resits: Achievement rates among these groups are much lower than those for 16-year-olds (of course it will be): in the case of English language, 34.2% versus 69.6%, and for maths, 23.7% versus 70.1%, when considering achievement of a grade 4 or above.

I believe that I am correct in arguing that, of the 30% that failed to achieve a grade 4 first time around, only 1:4 pass a resit. That is a double dip dose of failure. That is rubbing their noses in disappointment.

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