Final assembly – slammed


Final assembly – slammed

21 Jul ’18 Teaching 0

As we approached the end of the school year, I was inspired by our Year 6 students practicing their poetry slam in the “blazing summer sun.” Instead of the end of year assembly, I committed thoughts to paper and presented my reflections as a performance. The poem is a representation of our year at Hindhead Campus, it is however, much like any school where staff, students, parents, Trustees and the wider community all pull together to make a education, more than just about going to school.

Aspice retro – Hindhead Campus

These days, I am a little less interested in looking back
As I know we are moving forward, we’re on the right track.
Twenty seventeen, came and went,
Twenty eighteen is more than half spent.
I am going to pause for a moment just to reflect, to direct,
Your attention, to the best bits, the highlights and completed projects.

Brand new drive way, Science labs hallways and lights, September began with many a thanks
And a stark All Black reminder, that we pursue – excellence.
“Study, lesson and assignment” and “big questions” were our markers for S-D-L
A visit to Parliament, Morgan Knight, Commons Speaker, that boy did well.
Stone-age shelters, peace poles, big writes, cross country in the misty morn
The bards in town, iambic pentameter, you have been warned.
The student Leadership board adorns the top floor, we are up and running
We’re reminded – “Leadership isn’t only words, it actions,” and actions were forthcoming.

Active citizenship, Shelterbox, Bradleys fight, Greenfingers, – “Make a wish,”
Pay it forward, your efforts make a difference, to those aboard – the Mercyships,
Primary STEAM recycled, and a deep, deep, deep History dive.
Safe drive, stay alive, Power for Good, S-D-L had arrived.
Armistice Day, remembrance cannot be under-stated, acrostic poems unadulterated,
Respect, premeditated, validated, your conduct to be congratulated.

As far as educational visits, they’re worth every minute, let’s list it,
Haslemere Museum, Bignor Roman Villa, Bronte Parsonage, Butser Farm,
Winchester Science Centre, Isle of Wight, Sayers Croft, Manor Farm,
Henley Fort, Supreme Courts, Calshot spit,
Grayshot Pottery, Blue Reef Aquarium, I think that’s – just about it.

The man with orange tie inspired us, Jeremy Hunt visited us, Starry Night and Winter Market – you impressed us.
Snowfall surprised us, mock exams prepared us, SDL gathers pace within Canvas.
Southern Rocked and Calvin’s catering team blew their socks off.
Kahoot revelations, basketball preparations, Chinese New Year celebrations.
Zoom, Esafety, laptops aplenty, Young Enterprise students – Prominente!
Our students stood out, they are stand out, there’s lots at Hindhead Campus to shout about.

For teachers, a OneSchool National Conference – Leading Remarkable Learning,
A global education ecosystem, as teachers, we’re life-learners, our fires still burning.
British Science Week, welcomes Pfizer, an industry appetiser, left our Year 9s a little wiser.
World Book spud day, girls footie, accents and berets, and another Cross Country,
The bard is back again, this time, care of the Guildford Shakespeare Company.

James Golding retells his remarkable tale, of clinging to life,
His power of will, determination and personal drive.
SDL – Orientate, Navigate and Explore get their first outing,
Student Leadership Team “Red Arrows” assembly, was simply… outstanding.
Great attendance in school – we thanked those goodfellows,
With hot-chocolate piled high, with whipped cream and marshmallows.

Rangoli prints, poppadums, homemade bhajhis and curry dishes,
Year 3s and Year 7s presented exam “good luck letters,” and their best wishes.
Ping pong tournaments, Hegarty Maths, tug of war, poetry slam, blast-offs,
Wonder weavers, wonderful Wednesdays, bikeability, bake-offs
Young Enterprise, Marble marvel, no surprise, fantastic spin-offs,
Map Growth, Move up day, exams await another day, learning has no trade-offs.

Sports Day – efforts doubled, competitors rumbled, batons fumbled, hurdles tumbled, staff sprint team duly troubled.
Regional Sports Day, feathers ruffled, visitors humbled, records crumbled…
Artwork, fieldwork, teamwork, guesswork, woodwork, hardwork,
Mr Badham reminds us…. “Now remember [guys] only your very best work.”

And there is more to come…
Charity Day, Year Review, and finally… the summer sun.

GLIVE makes for an impressive setting
Student performances interleaved the headteachers addressing
Our achievements, their successes, your contributions, kind gestures
Events like these, we share, we all get to treasure.



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