This Triptico activity will self destruct in…


This Triptico activity will self destruct in…

10 Mar ’16 #Success Teaching 0

Oh my word… how did I miss that! Create an activity in TripticoPlus and now the share options provide a way for you to publish your activities for preparation, review or as a practice/homework task in two simple steps. No need for students to sign-in to the website or create an account – just launch and learn.  Think Mission Impossible… create, share, and in 24hrs it is gone.

  1. Choose an activity to share from the ‘My Saves’ tab and click its ‘Share’ button:
  2. You will then see the following three share options:

Share Options

Click the button in option three: Publish My Activity.

Your activity will be published and you will be provided with a link and launch option, a link that will self-destruct in 24 hours (although I know David is looking at the potential to provide a range of time options moving forward. I shared with David that some of my students were not always able to access the activities within 24hrs, though it certainly adding some much needed motivation.)Open Published File Button

Let the prep or recap begin. If set as a homework task, students can then screen clip their responses. Tom Cruise, eat your heart out.

This just in…

We should be making the change to ’seven days’ very soon – and we can monitor this and perhaps extend it further in the future.


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