Cover it in custard


Cover it in custard

27 Apr ’14 Teaching 1

It started as a suggestion. Seven words tweeted as an acronym to help students answer 6 Mark exam questions more strategically. Then followed a tweeted picture from @HThompson1982.Custard - birdsThen a funky slide, again tweeted, by @CES_teach.

Custard 3

Finally, we though it would work well as a student credit card. (Just an amendments required to “Scribble words / ideas that the question made you think of.”) I have shared it now, as much later and it will be too late.

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  1. […] is my second year Championing the “Cover it in Custard” campaign. We delivered the session to all Year 11 pupils (yes, all of them) Friday Period 5 […]

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