Alan Wake (part 3)


Alan Wake (part 3)

17 Jun ’13 Teaching 0

The script for Alan Wake is amazing.  It is even more impressive when the sound effects and background audio adds depth to the experience. Playing on the Xbox just amplified the experience.


What is more, I have learnt a little about “script writing” code (no computing code) and the need for space on a script page.

O.S. Off screen, V.O. voice over and so forth. I think it is pretty straight forward. Both terms are similar terms, but they have slightly different applications. O.S. is used when the character is in the scene location, but not currently on screen. V.O. is used when the speaker is not physically in the scene (Barbara Jagger is often present but not scene), or the speaker is a character’s inner-monologue – as with Alan Wake’s narration. Another learning opportunity to explore with the students. The space is for the directors notes, as far as we could find out.

Apologies for the late posting, this post was left in draft by mistake.

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