Inanimate Alice


Inanimate Alice

2 Oct ’12 English IF Teaching 0

Quite some while ago I highlighted a piece of interactive fiction, well more transmedia really, call Inanimate Alice. It is a narrative set in a technology saturated near future, telling the story of a young girl, merging text with animation, videos, music  and games to explore what it means to conduct your life online.

As Alice’s journey progresses, new storylines appear elsewhere providing more details and insights, enriching the tale through surprising developments. Students are encouraged to co-create developing episodes of their own, either filling in the gaps or developing new strands.

Today I picked up an elert telling me the latest edition of the new Inanimate Alice photo story adventures was now available outside of Australia. Download Snappy, the easy to use mash-up tool and this story’s digital assets, all available for free, to build your own version of what happens, (

What I also learnt today is that its available in a range of languages, bring it on for MFL. I must let Joe Dale and Alex Bellars know.

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