Slow Writing


Slow Writing

15 May ’12 #Success Challenge Teaching 0

BBP2It started with David Didau’s (@learningspy) blog post. BIF! Then onto David Riley (@David_Triptico), Triptico creator and education app designer.  BAM! (The man’s talent are for hire BTW.) Then it was back to my Year 8 ‘Creative Writing’ class for testing this morning and POW! With a thumbs up and a green light, from both the students and the my own humble opinion, the Slow Writing app is now online and available for you to use and contribute to.

As David Riley says….

Feel free to share it with others if you like the resource and feel that it could be helpful. Any updates/changes/additions etc let me know and I will try my best to sort them.


Here are David Didau opening slow writing prompts:

  • This sentence must be just one word
  • This sentence must end with an exclamation mark
  • This sentence must contain alliteration
  • This sentence must contain an assertion (an opinion presented as a fact)
  • This sentence must contain a rule of three
  • This sentence must contain an embedded subordinate clause
  • This sentence must start with the word ‘Although’ / When / As
  • This sentence must contain a colon
  • This sentence must start with a connective
  • This sentence must contain a metaphor
  • This sentence must contain a statistic
  • This sentence must be written in the passive voice
  • This sentence must be 15 words in length
  • This sentence must contain brackets
  • This sentence must focus on the sense of smell/taste/touch/hearing
  • This sentence must be sarcastic

And as this David says…

These are all the ones I’ve used but I’m sure I can think of others.

Cheers, David

Any suggestions, are most welcome. Leave a comment, Tweet them or send them direct to either David, I we will hopefully grow the app. And while you are at it, do look over the Triptico suite. As I have said many times, the most design friendly, attractive teacher resources available for FREE.

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