Think Link 95%

Another day passes and another update to ‘Think Link.’ If you have been following the conversation, you will know our students BETA tested the new ‘Think Link’ app from Triptico and returned their ideas. Late last night I received an email and an attachment from David.

You’ll have to find out tomorrow if the attached meets with Mollie’s approval!


Could you image being a Year 7 student – and seeing your suggestion being designed and implemented? I know Mollie and see will be psyched! I am hoping to get her to write her reply here later this morning.

It took all of an hour for me to then repurpose this new feature, think Blockbusters. As I was driving to work I realised that if you just put a single letter in the hexagon, write the answer as the descriptor, you have the option to colour code and voilia, blockbusters. Well almost, as long as you can edit the colour of the boxes – it will be as good as the real thing.

Just the connector feature to go??

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