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“High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation.” – Charles Kettering

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I am very Siri, sorry

Having spent most of the evening yesterday, trying to connect my WordPress blog to receive posts via email, I finally gave up unsuccessful, deflated. I was unable to use the inherent email features of WordPress and so moved to WP plugin Postie setting up a bespoke gmail account for this purpose.

The reason – I had this bizarre idea that I might be able must use iOS Siri to record my thoughts and autopost them direct to this blog via email. Of course I failed miserably, after sending 5 or 6 test posts.

So, not one to give up after just an hours effort for no gain, i searched online and finally contacted my AMAZING hosting provider, Velox.

The team resolved the issues with ease and a knowing assurance the Velox team continues to demonstrate any time I get in contact.

As a result, all the test posts flooded through. So I am indeed very sorry.

So pick out the key points of this post – I now have my bespoke email account, I have Siri working (but could use Dragon Diction), and I published this post via WP plugin Postie. Success!

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Leadership Pathways

With the support of our Principal, I have enrolled on the National College for School Leadership, ‘Leadership Pathways’ programme, targeted at senior leaders and aspirant senior leaders looking to;

  • develop whole-school leadership
  • potentially aspiring to headship but requiring further development before
    registering for NPQH
  • interested in learning at this level and looking for access to development activities

Having undertaken the ‘Leading from the Middle’ course towards the end of my middle management journey and feeling very comfortable with the content, I wanted to take the next step a little more swiftly. Perhaps not quite ready for NPQH, ‘Leadership Pathways’ represented a formal career professional development opportunity. A stepping stone to NPQH perhaps.

What is Leadership Pathways

Steppting_up_to_LeadershipLeadership Pathways is a mix of online diagnostics, networks and self-directed learning are coupled with three face-to-face, core days sessions;

Core Day 1: Taking first steps

Core Day 2: Engaging with change

Core Day 3: Sharing leadership learning

This learning package is supplemented by six coaching sessions, (in my case with our Principal),

  1. Getting started
  2. Building a pathway
  3. Sustaining momentum
  4. Supporting the planning process
  5. Supporting change
  6. Embedding new practice

that underpin a school based impact project (in my case, an area of Parental Engagement).

I plan to use this opportunity to hold myself accountable to the ‘Area Improvement Plan’ that I have written and to keep my professional self focused. If you are looking to gain an insight into the NCSL provision, I will try and post my thoughts here using the #LP hashtag.

Interesting, as part of the course, there is an internal blogging tool for self reflection. Where applicable, I will simply cross-post but where I review the provision / experience I will probably only post here.


My upcoming Leadership Pathways activities

Read Programme Induction (done). Read the Guide to the Online Diagnostic (done). Explore the Online Network (done). Complete your online diagnostic (done).

So, the 360° diagnostic survey has been completed, invitations sent to an array of colleagues and returns are starting to drop into my inbox. Next step, schedule of the core day dates and get on with the self-directed learning.

Stepping up to leadership: Understanding self

You can find out more about each self-directed learning unit here.

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