Folded–Folding Story
Folded–Folding Story

Folded–Folding Story

So, the post on Folding Story was missing its conclusion but only because we were unable to reach the required ten contributions to complete the story. Over the weekend, our Folding Story was completed by ‘extras,’ and its status went from folding to folded.






First point to note, Folding Story gives you two ways to view the finished or folded story, ‘Line by Line’ and ‘As a Paragraph.’ Below the folded story you can see who started / finished the story with the customary quick access Twitter and Facebook buttons, and below that, a blog style comment box. More ideas for the comment box later.

What I really like about the line by line feature is that you can LIKE or SCORE individual posts, hereby increasing the SCORE of particular stories but also of contributors. The best premise, the more stories you start and contribute to, the faster your stock (or score) will rise. Add this social scoring element to the follow / following element and you have a compelling reason to write.

Let’s refer back to the comment box and potential educational uses / ideas. You could use the comment box to leave a comment, grade or assess stories. Highlight errors,  provide alternative posts or signpost continuation stories.

What is mildly educational, is that our story was completed by English writers from a different culture. There’s a lesson in there somewhere about global learning.


To help a storyfold, fold, in the introduction lesson maybe focus on just 2 / 3 stories to ensure one completed fairly quickly. That said, I am sure it will surprise a few students in our class that ‘extras’ completed our first attempt!

@asober and I were briefly exploring how Folding Story could be used to writer chemical processes, or processes of any kind for that matter. It is possible, but I think I prefer the creative fun stuff.


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