There is a Lesson in Here Somewhere – series.


There is a Lesson in Here Somewhere – series.

14 Jan ’10 Curriculum 0

Yesterday I posted a Youtube Nike advert video that highlighted the misuse of excuses , typically Nike. The post was titled,

There is a Lesson in Here Somewhere. (LIHS)

At the time of watching the video, I didn’t quite know what the lesson was, but by morning, I had an idea. Sometimes inspiration reveals itself more slowly than at other times. Sometimes you have to listenly carefully to your instincts. Idea often just needs a reason, a context or a little creative license.

The excuses video became my lesson starter this afternoon. Instead of the too frequent requests moans for late homework/coursework, met with the all too frequent students excuses, I played the video. The Nike message hit a home run, the student had not excuses left to offer, and a very productive lesson followed. I am confident that I will use the video again sometime soon – especially to that student we all know, that always has a pre-prepared excuse for doing little about nothing.

Next, thanks to Ewan McIntosh , I stumbled upon this gem, very clever, the inspiration follows the half way point.

A post he titled ‘A Perfect Palendrome’. Now, I know there is a lesson in there somewhere. Ideas please?


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