Summer Roundup
Summer Roundup

Summer Roundup

Well I never managed to post this Summer roundup! This is a retrospective posting….

It has been a very busy summer, some difficulties were expected and some managed. Of course, many unexpected!

We have had some real difficulties with the Network, expecially external usage eg financial packages and County services. One or two gliches were unavoidable as we mored from a College appointed Network Manager to a Contracted Network Manager. Unfortunately our new staff member we not available until the week of the new term.

Curriculum Overview:

Although I have written and developed the resources for Unit 4 for the OCR Nationals Level 2 course (in OneNote), I know that there will need to be revisions. However, at least we have a full scheme of work for Year 9, including exemplar and online home access resources. It will be interesting to see how Unit 4 is received in comparison to Unit 7 – Databases.

Unit 1 is being planned and prepared by another colleague, as is the NEW Level 1 ICT course. As part of the delivery of this course,  structured by Mr Ord, we are including specialist low ability support from Learning Support. Again, it will be interesting how this course is received and the impact on the other groups.

Our new appointment, Andy and I have already spent a few days preparing his teacher room. Walls have been stripped of old displays, cupboards emptied, furniture moved and early expectations discussed. Andy has been very positive and I am very much looking forward to working and learning from him.

On a personal note, my wife are expecting our first child in the next few days, so I am hoping to be able to post maybe one more time before College starts. Here’s hoping….

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