Progress and Bumps in the Road
Progress and Bumps in the Road

Progress and Bumps in the Road

time.jpgThe week I learnt just how fast time in schools can pass. I have made myself accountable on a number of ICT issues and completed only one or two. Whether it is the “unknown unknowns” like cover, staff issues in their classrooms, unique student events (theft from a changing rooms following Yr 8 football practice) or deliveries, time passes quickly. Having an office is highly beneficial but it also makes you available. I intend to speak to colleagues to find out how they prioritise and plan their time. Whether the time spent planning is time well spent.

Online ICT lesson bump – I wanted to run an online quiz on using the internet. The lesson can from my thoughts on demonstrating skills rather than merely testing skills. I had planned a fantastic lesson using a chatroom as the learning platform. This was not a new idea but a tried and tested teaching method I had implemented at Tauntons with great success. Unsurprisingly the webware was blocked. Hampshire I expect a good explanation. Educators need control over the filtering systems not to be controlled by them! You do not come into the library and tell the librarians which books they can offer, you do not protect students from the racy controversy in Shakespeare! So trust me as a professional to use the internet!

Achievements: IT staff are now on radio, I think this will help their team communication but also their efficiency and communication within college. PCs purchased, their instalment provides a work programme for IT over Easter. Automated shutdown required.

Next week I am meeting with the Head. I have created an Self Review Framework presentation for SLT to share with him and over Easter I hope to write the ICT vision.

Just thinking out loud…. can the ICT the new KS3 curriculum be written with a sports theme, eg all topics be given a sporting spin? I will share these thoughts with Gideon at Perins School also a Specialist Sports College. I may also ask about the wider school planning.

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