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Timelines made easy

It’s back, and its better than before. Office Timeline 2012 is the quick, intuitive timeline plugin for Powerpoint. I first used it when preparing a whole project presentation, after all every whole school project presentation deserves a timeline right? In just a few clicks, the Office Timeline wizard had created a more attractive timeline than Smartart, or…
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21 Nov ’12 0

Tiki-Toki and Storify

My search for a timeline tool to prepare and plan tasks continues. I am looking for a timeline tool that permits the schedule on seconds, minutes and hours, as well as years. This would then enable students to plan audio ads, analysis film storylines and prepare drama pieces. A front runner is Tiki-Toki a very…
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17 Mar ’11 0

Google Timeline

I have been wanting to find a really good reason to use Google Timelines in my lessons for quite some time now, but rarely do I get the opportunity to take a chronological review of a topic or query. English does not seem to throw up that many opportunities but then, like buses….. The 10b…
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9 Jan ’11 1