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Exploring War Horse with 7a2

Again, with my parallel group we explored themes with ThinkLink (Chapters 7, 8 and 9). This time, the class clearly defined the themes, and with clustered a group of blue theme hexagon to separate out the themes more effectively. This time the students smartly colour coded their ideas and started to present them in a…
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18 Oct ’12 15

Think Link 95%+

If you have been following the story of Triptioc’s ‘Think Link’ you will know that David Riley very quickly created the core concept and every since has been responding to feedback and ideas from staff and students every since, all in his time. And with each new revision I took it back to the classroom…
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12 Feb ’12 2

Think Link 95%

Another day passes and another update to ‘Think Link.’ If you have been following the conversation, you will know our students BETA tested the new ‘Think Link’ app from Triptico and returned their ideas. Late last night I received an email and an attachment from David. You’ll have to find out tomorrow if the attached meets…
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10 Feb ’12 2

ipadio: Yr 11 Comandeers the IWB Pen. We Asked Why?

Listen to my latest phonecast A five minute impromptu conversation with a member of staff with an IWB in his room soon became a lesson for the teacher. A Yr11 student in for coursework catch-up saw what we were doing on the IWB and commandeered the IWB pen and proceed to organise the tiles. I…
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9 Feb ’12 1

Think Link 90%

STOP THE PRESS! I was excited with David Riley took on the ‘Hex Learn’ project for a new Triptico app but really…. what he has created in ‘Think Link’ deserves your attention. ‘Think Link Plus’ – the first preview, received some really positive comments. Trusted, hugely experienced colleague and IT solutions company Director Mike McSharry (@mikemcsharry) described David’s work…
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9 Feb ’12 3

ipadio: Yr 7 Triptico Think Link

Just for the record, Triptico is FREE and I have no commericial interests or ties to the product, however I will say I use one of the 20 tools, almost everyday in my teaching. Listen to my latest phonecast

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