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Annedroids – captivating science

The backstory – our children, Harry (6) and Freya (4) both enjoy being in charge of the tv remote. TV has become very much on demand viewing with both children preferring to watch their recorded shows (series link offers hours of viewing) or their preferred channels. Now we have a “smart” tv connected to our wifi,…
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5 Aug ’15 0

Physics Marking – fantastic

I am not an accomplished Scientist. I am certainly not an accomplished physicist. But I can full appreciate this piece of fantastic marking and feedback. Step 1 Lesson. Students are taught the content. Step 2 Student sit the mock paper. Step 3 The mock paper is “fast marked.” By that I mean, instead of offering…
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28 Jan ’14 0

Crayon Physics Deluxe

Games as education has always been a passion of mine. Where playing is the learning. It is really hard to get right but I really think Crayon Physics Deluxe has nailed it, although I appreciate I am not a Science specialist and can not assuredly make that statement. So what is Crayon Physics Deluxe? It’s a…
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23 Jun ’12 1

Mash-it up artistry

There is real science in the real world. Science is the poetry of reality.’ Richard Dawkins John Boswell is the creator of Symphony of Science. A collection of infovideos spliced and diced from more formal documentaries, with a good dose of autotune and some original audio. The very nature of song composition means that a…
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11 Jun ’12 0

The most learning you will ever experience with a scroll wheel

I do not have time to do this website justice. Nor do I have time to write a proper review. I am sorry, as it is one of the most exciting resources I have seen as webware for teaching for quite some time. ChronoZoom at www.chronozoomproject.org showcases the history of nearly everything, its BIG BANG…
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18 Mar ’12 0

Angry Birds in the classroom

from Steps in Teaching and Learning http://www.ictsteps.com/2011/06/angry-birds-in-the-classroom/ Sent with IFTTT

21 Jun ’11 0