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Another year at Hindhead Campus 2017-18

We started this years assembly, with last years closing video. Created with Animoto, pictures and very short video clips from across the years events combined together in HD suitable the big hall! It was a positive reminder of what we were about to embark upon, about to re-build, again this year.  (We have already ready…
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15 Sep ’18 0

ICT Expert Review Panel

Dr Tom Crick is Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at CMU, he is also Leader of @CASWales and I am sure, has one or two other computer science veins of interest as well. What is really refreshing and most engaging, is that Dr Crick (can I go with Tom from here on in, or do…
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21 Dec ’11 0

What Makes a Good School?

Good management is the essential handmaiden to leadership What makes a good school? Written by Sir Tim Brighouse, first publish nearly 20 years ago, was my third and final loan book from the HTLC Leadership Library. A free leadership book deliver service flying well below the radar. Despite its published date (1991), I decided to…
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2 Sep ’10 0