Another year at Hindhead Campus 2017-18


Another year at Hindhead Campus 2017-18

15 Sep ’18 Teaching 0

We started this years assembly, with last years closing video. Created with Animoto, pictures and very short video clips from across the years events combined together in HD suitable the big hall! It was a positive reminder of what we were about to embark upon, about to re-build, again this year.  (We have already ready start the Animoto projects, “Term review” and “Year review” and the “Year Newsletter.”) I also found my notes to staff. I’d thought I would share them with you, anonymised of course. Ps we have more than one JT.


As for reflecting on this academic year, I re-read all the Kudos nominations that I have submitted via my weekly reports and staff stars that anyone associated with our school can contribute. (The final assembly poem required a fair bit of research too.) That process was a warm and timely reminder of the dedicated work, of so many staff, though I also noted, that a lot more goes into our school – than I could possibly realise. The many kind gestures, notes of support, only yesterday morning PT received a painting from JT as a leaving gift, and that was such a personal highlight for me.

The year started a little frantically and I have to recognise that PT started teaching in an unfinished Art room and TR remained “solution focused,” on responding to all the site requests, whilst IB spent his Saturday clearing an IT backlog. Everyone pulled together, as is often the case.

We were quickly up and running with SB, MS, SR attending “Pedagoo Hampshire,” their first “teachers for teacher” CPD event on a Saturday at Alton School. PT, was again, leading the way with the Peace poles, whilst JL and CC and the PE dept were hosting the first of three cross-campus, X-Country events – bigger and better than before the year before, with faster times too! With you all, DR was making in-roads into SDL whilst also visiting Kenley Campus to help out their Geographers.

CY led a wonderful deep history and cross curricular event and AT, a deep learning day for the Lower School on recyclable materials. Our students showing fantastic ingenuity and creativity. AF, presented our first ever ZOOM webinar to parents swiftly followed up by JI. JT and SB did a great job connecting classrooms (with their Kahoot project) and MK keeping us on track, managing the first day back after the winter break. BP – attending SEND conference short notice BC – VC revision session for Y11 Scientists and accommodating visits staff and students. I could go on. Not even the snow could stop us laughing and smiling, as J’s car slipped and edged precariously close to the main road. The snow-covered, driveway photo, say it all. Hindhead heroes. With his breath hanging the air, hands clenched, T welcomed in our students to school.

Our thanks even ventured out to other Campuses and NSO staff. My thanks to CS and SW – for supporting Hindhead Campus with DT. To TB for her support and recognition of staff. CB – for bringing the National calendar to Outlook. SA, for his professional advice and support, for taking the time to visit our Campus. It reminded me that there are many contributors to our school and that our thanks must go out beyond.

I wanted to thank JT – for teaching this old dog a few new tricks around “Slow Processing”. There was the team effort that went into hosting Southern Rocks 1018; BA, TR, SB, DR, MS, SR, Trustees, AR, IT support, Ss, the Communities Rapid Relief Team… how many Kudos nominees can I request at any one time?

MB reminder me that “as a parents, you are only as happy as your least happy child.” It is good that our staff help to keep the Head Teacher ground. M, thank you for your support of the Rs family. Our Trustees get a Kudos mention too… CW and RB for giving up a full day to meet with the staff and hear their feedback. All our Trustees deserve a mention really and many more supports beyond them too.

And still… after a long academic year, TR, is still smiling on duty, however he now gets to enjoy the sunshine in the mornings.

Our staff commitment here is tremendous. You are tremendous. The atmosphere during the staff meal we delightful.

Perhaps the contribution that has had the most impact on me professional, is that of KB. I have missed, and will miss, his calmness and sensibilities. Despite receiving chemotherapy, he was still thinking our students, still teaching via ZOOM, booking sessions around his hospital appointments. Possible the embodiment of our five school values, all wrapped up in one selfless contribution to the school. K, thank you for your trust, your outlook on the challenges life has thrown at you, has been quite humbling. Your determination has left a deep mark on me. We wish you and S all the best for your adventures at Greatrock Farm. We wish current staff moving on, all the very best on their onwards journeys we look forward to welcoming new staff in September.

Again, many, many thanks. Not only from me; from parents, Trustees, students (see A’s cake!), the wider community, NSO staff, TB, MP and between you all. I will say it again, Hindhead heroes.


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