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Latimer, Peyre and Ramus (2021)

A Meta-Analytic Review of the Benefit of Spacing out Retrieval Practice Episodes on Retention 3948 results, processed down to 42 studies selected for screening, 29 studies fulfilled the criteria. Two key questions Spaced versus Massed Repeated Retrieval Practice Expanding versus Uniform Spacing Schedule Moderators included Setting Education Level Type of Material Design Test Type Used…
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2 Oct ’21 0

#rEDKent – without getting wet

Searching the #rEDKent thread provides #rEDKent filtered content. It is content selected for re-posting. Then I filter this content a second time, what is interesting to me, or signposts to wider reading, or educationalists with contesting opinions worth following. All without getting wet. My answer to @fod3 question – Main takeaways today? #rEDKent The difference…
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1 Dec ’18 0

Bridging the gap between research and practice

Every year thousands of research papers on teaching are published, some of which contradict each other. How can busy teachers know which research is worth investing time in reading and understanding? And how easily is that research translated into excellent practice in the classroom? What Does This Look Like In The Classroom? Bridging the gap between research and practice That…
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19 Aug ’18 0

What works, worries me.

The responsibility of leading “Teaching, Learning and Assessment” is a Goliath responsibility. Individually, Teaching, Learning or Assessment all present bespoke challenges, dilemmas and opportunities. Collectively, we can all agree, they impact upon one another. That the inter-play between them is obvious at times, yet subtle, even camouflaged, at others. Hence the recent proliferations and attraction of meta-analysis in…
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