Tutor and INSET planner

Too often this academic year my colleague has had to redraft the tutor plan. In my role as lead for CPD, too often I have created Professional Development lists, scrutinising the lists to make sure I have not forgotten someone, somewhere. And now, I present to you, the “ever reducing drop-down list, as you assign…
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30 Jun ’14 0

Whole school curriculum planning

Waiting for @FOD3… (the message left in the workbook for the Head of English.) After a morning of experimenting, I have mocked up a simple wire frame for departments to report their curriculum maps, KS2 transition, KS3, KS4 and KS5. The aim, to maximise and deepen student learning by adjusting and modifying our content and scheduling. Yet…
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27 Apr ’13 0

Wellington Academy Visioning Day

Wellington Academy Visioning Day – it was a real privilege to facilitate an ICT visioning day with colleagues from Wellington Academy, reinventing, or at least repackaging, ICT under an Enterprise banner. Given a ‘blue sky canvas, we framed with day with three simple Sinek styled investigations. Why do we need to change or in this case reinvent the ICT…
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28 Jun ’12 0

ipadio: Eastleigh Consortium Reflections

Listen to my latest phonecast CPD training. The collaborative model applied by Eastleigh Consortium to our training event today was is impressive considering the £14 per delegate (£6 lunch) budget.  I am now left with a few questions?  How will the feedback be shared with school leaders, presenters and delegates? Should the event coordinators be formally recognised? Or is…
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18 Mar ’11 0


Spencer Kelly gave the opening keynote presentation at the Eastleigh Consortium staff CPD day, a courtesy to his former teacher  Chris Cheetham. Accepting he a professional presenter, and a  computer science graduate, it was the underlying theme to his keynote that struck a chord with me. Make IT sexy. Billionaire sexy, Mark Zuckerman, Larry Page…
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28 Mar ’09 0

Comic CPD

Today the ICT team delivered 3 INSET sessions. Onenote, Moviemaker and I delivered Comic Life. I have not seen the summary of the feedback but the staff seemed pleased. What I felt it worked well was the ability for staff opted into a training session of their choosing, everyone in my sessions seemed generally pleased…
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24 Mar ’09 0