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10 Google insights for teachers

Like many educators, I have been using Google and G Suite (since 2008) like I used my TV remote – point and click. With a little time, I have taken the opportunity to pause – and think how I use the growing eco-system of Google. Starting with the everyday browse, to more recent finds and…
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28 May ’20 0

Learning in lockdown

Learning in lockdown: The Goldilocks dilemma of too much, too little home learning. Getting it just right for each individual Goldilocks is practically impossible. I will explain why briefly, before looking at some of the opportunities (as did Jose Picardo here) and constraints of learning in lockdown. Goldilocks Still (our surname) Here is “Goldilocks Still’s”…
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30 Apr ’20 0

EdTech is not a silver bullet

The DfE has the “tech giants” on side and EdTech Demonstrators Programme (twenty institutions) behind it’s disconnected media press release. As schools, parents and children adapt to the changing environment we are all faced with, it is vital that we provide them with the right support so young people are able to continue their education.…
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29 Apr ’20 0

5 Js

My RSS feeder often comes up trumps. Here is a really simple outline for edtech enthusiasts and staff involved in promoting and training. It comes third hand, via David Hopkins, who quoted the 5Js from Mary Burns’ article on the eLearn Magazine website, “How to Help Teachers Use Technology in the Classroom“. The 5Js Job…
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