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Why Teach What You Can’t Test

A while back I signed into Zintro (link to the success stories). One day I would love to be more involved in ‘education thinking’ but recognise that I still have a lot to learn from working at the coal face, plus I love being a teacher, just a touch more than being an education leader, and a touch even…
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28 Apr ’12 0

Drive and curiosity

If you refuse to fear failure then impossible things become possible. Why did we do it? In part we wondered if it was possible to do it. Regina Dugan

5 Mar ’12 1

B!ang! Rocket Fuel for #PGCE and #NQT Teachers

The social web. What is it? Why should educationalists give a damn? Why should #PGCE and #NQT teachers in particular give a damn? Three simple benefits, time efficiencies, professional mentoring and personal reflection. The social web emphasises the social relations that link people through the internet. Websites, platforms, networks, groups, streams, reviews, ratings, +1, likes,…
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3 Nov ’11 0

New Term

The start to a new academic year can leave you stretched. It is all to easy to get embroiled in the hubbub and excitement of it all and regret not pacing yourself, not taking time out to reflect and review what went well and what needs changing next June – Sept. I have determining recorded…
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18 Sep ’11 0

360 Appraisal Module for Moodle

Having completed a 360 review as part of the NCSL ‘Leading from the Middle’ and found the feedback very useful, I was keen to learn more about Kineo new ‘360 appraisal module for Moodle.’ This new plug-in module allows organisations to run 360 appraisals directly within Moodle and can be downloaded here. The module allows…
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25 Aug ’11 2

With IF – Nothing is Impossible

So here are my early ideas… Playing Quest 5 titles to encourage reading habits and developing thinking skills. Not to forget writing responses as a part of game play and minimal numeracy as a part status and attributes. Possible writing activities in game reviews and ‘bug busting.’ Quest 5 for questing sake. Interactive fiction, creative…
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7 Aug ’11 0