ResearchEd NC21


ResearchEd NC21

5 Sep ’21 Teaching 0

Prepared the session on Successive Relearning. Early train. Met old friends, made digital acquaintances 3d. Met, enjoyed a coffee with, and laughed with a self-pronounced Research Legend Paul Kirchner and Kelly Furlough. Made new connections. Met the gentlemen from #morethanajob podcast. Learnt quite a bit. How could you not? It was am embarrassment of riches. Six sessions with twenty titles in each from the good and great. With “STILL” caught between Phil Stock and Amanda Spielman in the progamme – made my day.

The Days Diet

Jenny Webb – Metacognition: practical applications (with the wonderful Clare Sarson)

Paul Kirschner – Standing on the shoulders of giants – What has educational psychology ever done for us? (A little more than the Romans).

Tom Perry & Philippa Cordingley – The application and misapplication of cognitive science in the classroom

Following on from some very interesting conversations post EEF. (with David Rogers and Kristian Shanks)

Matt Slocombe – Learning by analogy in the mind and in the classroom * the star session for me. Sat next to and met Colin McCormick.

Back to support Kelly Furlong

Kelly Furlong – Policy into practice: using principles of instruction to implement an effective feedback policy to support disadvantage students

Then presenting – Optimising Successive Relearning in the classroom.

Heading back to school – here is the frame of the TL newsletter parent release that may save one or two people the job.

Newsletter frame

Research ED 2021 National Conference – Working out what works (Chobam Academy)

What is researchED?
ResearchED is an organisation that aims to bridge the gap between research and practice in education. The National Conference is an opportunity for researchers, teachers, and policy makers to “come together for a day of information-sharing and myth-busting.”

A veritable smorgasbord of talented educationalists share their professional work and insights during the day through six or seven session rounds, each session 40 minutes long.

Attendees, like me / our staff / build their own day of professional learning, attending the sessions that perk their interest.

ADD your / STAFF sessions here.

We even had our own STAFF presenting at this prestigious event…

Best of all, that knowledge and insight is then brought back for the benefit of all at our school.


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