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ResearchEd NC21

Prepared the session on Successive Relearning. Early train. Met old friends, made digital acquaintances 3d. Met, enjoyed a coffee with, and laughed with a self-pronounced Research Legend Paul Kirchner and Kelly Furlough. Made new connections. Met the gentlemen from #morethanajob podcast. Learnt quite a bit. How could you not? It was am embarrassment of riches.…
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5 Sep ’21 0

The EEF Report published

Last week I shared my thoughts and notes on Dr Tom Perry’s pre-publication presentation of Cognitive Science in the Classroom. Today (now a few days ago) the EEF full report, executive summary and methodology were released. The irony of avoiding “lethal mutation” is not lost on me, as a thorough 300 page report and protocol,…
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20 Jul ’21 0