Filter failure


Filter failure

14 Jun ’20 Assessment 0

Rethinking Education is a webinar series from Adobe. The first episode which sees @Dom_traynor interview author and learning futurist David Price (OBE) @DavidPriceOBE popped up in my stream this Sunday morning. It was worth sharing.


With hindsight, David suggests we will see Covid19 as a marker.

Learning used to be centred in schools. Knowledge / learning is now everywhere and schools are come to struggle with the informality of learning.

The challenge is not with content, content is accessible (“it is not information overload but filter failure,”). It is more than rethinking content, it is rethinking the way in which it is learnt? #Learningwithpurpose. #Workthatmatters.

I would add that it is not just the knowledge, content and learning that is no longer anchored. Learners too are no longer shackled.

David adds “Not having exams maybe liberating.”

What kind of future can students look forward to?

What is possible has been redefined. Time frames need to be re-thought.

What will be reside of cancelling the exams?

David Price mentions his advisory work with The Mastery Transcript Consortium® (MTC) and growing movement towards holistic education profiling.

As well as gently highlighting the vested business interests with the assessment and examination industry, David softly questions whether we are assessing the right learning.

First steps within this twin track education system

David outlines that getting students back on track, within a twin track system (those in and those returning to school), is the primary task. Yes staff are seeking the security of familiarity of school but David Price urges use to resist.

David stresses, only after staff and student well-being has been prioritised, how do we look to move our thinking forward. We have already moved towards a phased (mixed age groups) and integrated approach to learning and a more inter-disciplinary approach… here David mentions LIS London Interdisciplinary School and later Minerva schools. The implication is not to return to the old ways.

This is my kind of thinking and learning – a view I committed to writing back in 2015 – Wonder and Invention and when I explored Agentic Learning in early 2018.

Service Education gets a mention. I first encountered the term “Service” at Wellington College, David mentions service and Silverdale and then there’s Positive Education also. All signposts pointing to a more holistic education. The artistic overlay is interesting, indirectly highlighting considerations for learning: audience, motivation, trust and compassion.

Beyond school

The big C – it is coming. Collaboration. At scale.

I was introduced to the term artisanal economy. Which I had to go and look up. Brew Dog get a mention. (Deep meaning, rooted in the uniqueness of people and place. Owner operators, highly responsive.) Is David suggesting our learners or our schooling be more artisian? I’ll to ask him.

Connectivity is essential. Co-location will be less important.

My thanks to Adobe for sharing this webinar.


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