More educators backing IF
More educators backing IF

More educators backing IF

It is great to hear such positive feedback from Nick Jackson (@largerama) and Alan Heard (@MrAHeard). Behind closed tweets Nick was particular positive

Felt like I made a break thru frm an educators point of view re Quest last week & yesterday in both knowing how to get the ball rolling quickly with it and my approach to how to use it. But not only that – I saw students’ very positive response to playing IF……. Even more convinced of the power of it now.

You can read and hear his thoughts online but he didnt stop there, throwing down the gauntlet with this final paragraph.

All of these materials are available here so you now have no excuse but to give more young people the chance to explore this exciting area of literacy, programming, problem solving, game-making, game-playing, IT, Computing, literacy, storytelling etc etc

Meanwhile, via Twitter and phone calls, we have recruited Alan Heard to the IF fold. It didn’t take much as he was a self confessed IF ‘oldboy.’ Within days he had moved from player

Loving brings back memories of playing Zork back in the day. Where to start? Get children playing Dreamhold first?

to designer,

just designing game now to have a play with, right up my street this!!!
Just got the rooms on paper with exits. About2 open quest and create rooms. Have query re objects and ending but might be a long one. Email?

to programmer,

Any way to obtain user input for a pass code for example

It’s ok thanks I’ve just found the getInput() function its for a password for a door what player finds somewhere in the game.

to advanced problems solver and community member,

Simply could not go to bed until I’d figured the right code out. Now its done it’s quite simple. Will share later.

The power of IF.

Now, there is one other notable inclusion. Our very first contributor from the English fold. An AST with a fantastic reference.

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It is so good to be able to draw together such fantastic educators.  It is so reassuring to have Lisa’s (Lisajaneashes) help, as without her we would be without that sharp focus on literacy.



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