BBC Two School Season


BBC Two School Season

19 Sep ’10 CPD and INSET Leadership Teaching 0

Adverts, online articles and now short iPlayer clips the bell is ringing loud and clear for a major BBC2 season focusing on education. Two programmes caught my attention;


Unequal Opportunities With John Humphrys Unequal Opportunities With John Humphrys Monday, 20.09.10 21:00 on BBC Two

    John Humphrys examines why the attainment gap between advantaged and disadvantaged pupils has stubbornly refused to narrow.


    The Classroom Experiment The Classroom Experiment with Professor Dylan Willams. 27.09.10 and 28.09.10 19:00 on BBC Two

      Education expert Dylan Wiliam sets up an experimental secondary school classroom to test some innovative teaching methods.

      So, I have emailed our Assistant Head in charge of CPD and the Headteacher. If the programmes are deemed worthwhile, then would Departmental time to view have value. I am confident they would at least spark debate within and across staff teams.

      The BBC webpage accompanying these programme highlighted a further BBC and RSA debate. Although the date has since past. It was an impressive panel, including Professor Dylan William  and Sir William Atkinson, Chaired by Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the RSA. Audio and video files for ‘Where next for our children’s education?’ will be available shortly. via the RSA iTunes podcast. Not to forget the almost customary Twitter hashtag  #rsaschools.


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