FreeRice Ideas


FreeRice Ideas

20 Sep ’10 #Success Teaching 1

So, last Thursday Friday I introduced 4 student groups to the BETA 2.0 Version using the site as a lesson transition task. I created 4 class groups and set them off. Over the weekend I did a little research, created a resource page on the VLE (pretty much the same content as in the last Freerice post) and in class today shared with the students that resource and a Youtube video. Freerice is now real.

Just to add to the fun, this morning I tweeted @chickensaltash  to encourage some inter school competition. This evening, the four groups are up and running and I plan to play them off against one another.

Add Bonus

Freerice groups allows you to drill down the statistics. It shows when, how much, consecutive answers. Drilling down on one student also showed that they had explored the site. Moving away from the pre-set English games to play Chemistry and Geography. So, I have opened the groups up to ALL CATEGORIES.

For users, Freerice offers an excellent dashboard for feedback, again showing dates, scores and that all important, publish to Facebook icon.

Ideas for Class

With our 121 programme if students have a netbook I let them improve their scores.

For class interaction I play a few different challenges, using the students’ own as their buzzer, of course farm yard animal sounds are equally effective but a little more amusing (this can be a distraction).

Play columns or rows against one another.

Limit the answer pool to a column, row, group, boys, girls, those that have not yet answered a quickly enough or defining factor (eye colour).

Play last man standing. Everyone stands. To sit down you must answer a question.

Correct answers allow you to make people stand, having to answer to sit down again.

To finish a lesson I often play move to the front. Correct answers get you closer to the door. When at the front, correct answers let you push classmates to the back.


Frozen out of the next round, or for each wrong answer, next x rounds. Stand up until a correct answer is given. Lose points.

Any ideas, please share them with me.


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