28 Mar ’09 CPD and INSET 0
Spencer Kelly

Spencer Kelly gave the opening keynote presentation at the Eastleigh Consortium staff CPD day, a courtesy to his former teacher  Chris Cheetham. Accepting he a professional presenter, and a  computer science graduate, it was the underlying theme to his keynote that struck a chord with me. Make IT sexy. Billionaire sexy, Mark Zuckerman, Larry Page and Sergey Brin sexy. His engaging manner and breadth of knowledge about the technology industry and his appetite for technology was infectious. Some of his slides/videos would sit neatly in many teachers classroom presentations too!

The second part of my day was spent delivering CPD for PE staff. We looked at mini cameras, this linked in with one way to use Comic Life, and PLN development – so RSS feeds and social book marking.

What was reassuring was an email I received later that evening.

Thanks for your input today Kristian ….I enjoyed it, and found some of the topics you covered really useful ….I just have to discipline myself to ‘have a go’ with them! Cheers.

Simply, he was right. Using the tools is often welcomed, its the time to get to know the tools, the confidence to work with the tools that is often the barriers.


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