I have an idea and then I am off to bed


I have an idea and then I am off to bed

25 Mar ’09 ICT 0

Yesterday I sent an email, (well I sent the usual 20-30 but) that made a small but important difference. Let me explain. A mentee is having a tough 12th year (believe me when I say its tough) and he occasionally  responds with low level disruption or non compliance. He knows the difference between good and poor behaviour. He has perhaps lowered is own personal expectations, one can hardly blame him. Yesterday I received another ‘incident’ form – we spoke about it (again) but this time I suggested he write an email of apology and outline his commitment to improved behaviour. The email was in effect a written but non binding contract. I was proud of him.

Later that day I received Micheal Martlett poster in my RSS feed. The picture didnt really suit the situation but words spoke very loudly indeed. I downloaded a copy (FLICKR blocked in school) and sent it as an attachment entitled ‘A gift.’ Today during mentor time I received a very affirmative response from him.

Now, I think I am going to use the quote again but I might change the image, no offence Micheal.

So the idea, after Easter we have some open teaching time. I might introduce a graphics package to create a range of such posters for display around the school. I wonder if the English Department might like to get involved?

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