First Impressions
First Impressions

First Impressions

I have now spent two days at Hamble. I felt that it was important to reflect on both the Department and the teaching experience.


The first two days incorporated a series of small but significant challenges, including get the physical environment structured, removal of unused hardware, locks, keys, chairs, noticeboards, office, timetables…. There are still a number of further issues to resolve; storage of student work, common meeting time for staff, class lists, access to students data…. and not forgetting the ‘unknown unknowns.’ What are the prioritise for me first full week?

Establish a ‘shared’ curriculum. (This may include creating a wiki for staff).

Future Prioritise have been outlined in a short meeting with the Headteacher, constructing and engaging the staff in a VLE and E-portfolios. These particular prioritises will be revisited during halfterm.

What I have learnt, recommendations for NEW staff:

Staff would welcome a formal induction; to include two days in school without a teaching commitment.

An opportunity to review the staff handbook and discipline procedures. Second, to meet with the office staff, support staff, IT team, reprographics and to go through the school paperwork. To be provided with a folder with their timetable, class lists and prepared registers.


I didnt expected the students to welcome me with open arms, but I was not prepared for the angst the students felt towards their own learning experience. I met with a very diverse student body, in terms of their academic motivation and aspirations, how to engage these students will be a challenge.

  1. Organise class lists, CAT scores, seating arrangements for classes and therefore clearly label PCs.
  2. Teaching Prioritise; establish teaching style, try and watch an experienced practitioner, talk with the students, set class room expectations. Set clear lessons objective that require students to be active in their own learning.

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