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Complexity, Trust and Mistrust

What is trust? I know. Tell me. I knew… (overheard) I am not a Complexity Theory expert, however, modelling complex personal and social interactions seem to be the business worlds yearning. In reflection, I felt I got a lot from the Leading at the Speed of Trust session, it felt tangible and I felt in…
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2 Oct ’17 0

Leading at the Speed of Trust

One of the most advantageous aspects of my current role, is the ability to engage with a group of headteachers. I changed ‘team’ to ‘group’ as we do not have collective accountability, our successes are to a large extent mutually exclusive, however three times a year we come together at head office as a group…
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1 Oct ’17 0

Complaints – making the unwanted, wanted

Today, I am listening intently to a seminar session on Trust. We touched on decent and how we handle complaints. In my personal leadership view, encouraged decent is powerful and informative, and decent is not too far away from “complaints.” Which made me reflective on how we receive decent or complaints as a headteacher and maintain trust?…
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28 Feb ’17 0