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Drive by data – change

This term, my data colleague and I have been working hard on a new, more transparent student estimates and staff estimates system. Made more diffificult by high  student mobility and numerous boarding students without KS2 data. Now before we go on, student estimates and staff estimates are set on different FFT models, and with students we use the…
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12 Oct ’13 0

Predictive validity of FFT and CATs

The predictive validity of FFT and CATs is basically an extension to the baseline versus aptitude test I have been reviewing the past few days. It is a question of whether a student’s ability to pass a known knowledge test for which they are intensely prepared for (or not given their school experience) is more accurate a…
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2 Nov ’12 0

Target Grade Matrix

Having spent some time understanding and sharing the impact of KS2 APS it was very reassuring to watch our Director of Progress introduce an academic mentoring programme that introduced an assessment flightplan based on student prior attainment and expected attainment. Given our conversation on the topic of ‘estimates’ I really liked his use of the…
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13 Oct ’12 2