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Bookends: Planning and Assessment

Returning from Dubai mid-term, on top of establishing myself at school and with the students, I was listening to the enlivened conversation around the new framework with ‘leading the curriculum,’ easily the loudest debate between online HoD and AHTs. Here I was, in a unique position, listening to the debate whilst experiencing first hand the…
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6 Sep ’20 0


Teaching is messy and learning so difficult to pinpoint, that teaching has to be responsive is my humble conclusion. Securing and holding (a nod to desirable difficulties and cognitive load) students attention, essential. From there on in, the list of potential variables that may / or may not influence a student learning quite probably inexorable.…
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4 Nov ’19 0

Retrieval more important than revision

At the back end of January ‘10 I was reading the research findings by Jeffrey D. Karpicke, Assistant Professor of Psychological Sciences at Purdue. In a nutshell, Karpicke’s research shows that practicing retrieval is an even more effective strategy than engaging in elaborative studying. Given that it is now fast approaching revision season, here it…
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18 Feb ’14 0