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Our collective responsibility

One of my own criticisms of our profession is our ability to share bad news over good. Even when the DfE shares good news, we have a tendency to mark it with red pen and share the faults. That said, three topics, all inter-connected, should be challenged, highlighted and tackled head on. Funding, Performance Review (particularly…
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7 Jul ’18 0

Retention and recruitment – performance review

Teaching is messy, complex, creative. More a la carte, than fast food. I take the stance that vast majority of teachers have made a personal and decisive decision to be educators. Anecdotally, often because of the wonderful teachers they encountered. Occasionally in spite of their teachers. Because they themselves were successful at the game of…
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8 Apr ’18 0

Halloween horror PRP

I will not be letting the issues surrounding Performance Related Pay go unchallenged. Not now, not tomorrow. Only when the horrors, frailties, flaws and failings of PRP within education are accepted and replaced by more developmental appraisal approaches will I quieten my stance. Developmental being the critical descriptor here as our teacher workforce grows thinner (the…
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29 Oct ’17 0

Why SchooliP?

7 months ago I wrote an endorsement for SchooliP, about our first impressions of their product and shared that with the team. Back in early December we had invested approximately 30 hours of staff time getting to know SchooliP and we could already begin to forecast its value to our organisation; lesson observations – definitely,…
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24 Jun ’14 0