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Why invest in coaching in schools?

I continue to seek the strongest evidence and arguments for schools to first be curious about coaching, and then invest in coaching. If my thinking was to be distilled, it is comes down to this: To go fast, go alone. To go far together. That is my – why? I just need a bigger why…
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23 Mar ’19 0

Make meetings great

Gayle Allen continues to serve up some of the best leadership professional development I consume. If you attend meetings, lead meetings or consider yourself a victim of weak meetings, listen to this Curious Minds interview with @stevenrogelberg – Professor of Organizational Science, Management, and Psychology at the University of North Carolina or share this post…
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17 Mar ’19 0

Applying for a new job? Benefit from 500 years of teacher experience?

Based on BBC II! Snog Marry Avoid I presented the responses from a minimum of 50 teachers, on a series of co-collaborated education based questions. Each response is the prefixed with an opening word stem, but instead of “snog, marry, avoid,” it is “always, sometimes, never.” For example; What to do, when your colleague enters…
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