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Intention and Attention

Coaching and mentoring accreditation explores the interaction, differences and similarities of the two conversations. Reviewing the relationship with an educational lens, I came to the unstable conclusion that rather than focus on what made coaching different to mentoring, that it may in fact be more useful to focus on how they were in fact similar.…
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11 Mar ’19 0

Listening to promote their thinking

The quality of your listening will establish the quality of their thinking. Now there is a comment worth considering. I picked up this thought from Jackie Arnold’s book on Coaching. The importance of effective listening was raised in a conversation with Dr Paul Browning last March when discussing the development of trust within an organisation.…
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14 Feb ’19 0

Got it wrong, apologised, need to do better

Not to be too hard on myself, it has been a busy and unpredictable start to the academic year. That taken into consideration, I still got it horribly wrong this week when I colleague tried to follow up an email and engage in a ‘have you got a moment?’ conversation. Only I didn’t have a…
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7 Sep ’13 0

Dragon Notes of Fierce Conversations

Edtechroundup last night explored the best methods of sharing and encouraging staff to engage with technology, from that conversation I concluded the following summary. ICT advocate would be well advised to consider the suitability of introduction (the time, place and readiness of the colleague) the delivery (f2f, email, CPD) as much as the product. At the very…
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26 Jul ’10 0