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Winter term and the 400m

The winter term is much like a 400m race. It is exceedingly difficult to make up for a poor start (though not an unforgiving as the 100m). There is the need to maintain and control your speed. Teachers can’t afford to rely on the anaerobic system alone, you can not power your way through til mid December…
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23 Dec ’17 0

New Normal

This is not a post about the systems of school improvement, the Science of school improvement if you will. This is more about the culture of school improvement. The art, if you will. As I come to the end of my first year as head teacher, I can see the benefit of take charge of…
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29 Jul ’17 0

The picture on the box keeps changing

Leading is like working on a puzzle without the cover. Leading is rarely stable, nor should it be. The organisation is in constant flux. You have to play the cards you have, not the ones you wish you did. Hence the leadershp quote struck a cord.

18 May ’17 0

Dr Bradberry – Great leaders

Over at LinkedIn Dr Travis Bradberry posted an article on what makes a great “boss.” I am not convinced by the entirety of the post – plus it is supported by one of those staged stock photography office shots that includes employees of every generation, race and gender, all offering that false, “I’m interested” expression. That said, here is my…
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22 Mar ’17 0

Leading Err

I regularly find myself connecting information dots. This time, on the theme of err. The dots; the Chancellor, Teresa May and Microsoft’s CEO. Unfortunately, just thinking about it, creates more disconnected questions. The point here, I’ve attended many different training sessions, attended numerous leadership sessions, read numerous leadership books, and the position statement has always been, one of anticipated success? How? When? Do we…
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21 Mar ’17 0

Positive intent and negtive consequences

If I am successful as a school leader, what would be different about the school in which I lead? If I have been succeedful at influencing others, what would be different about them? In taking time to really consider the above question from the previous post, I wanted to spend more time exploring the disconnect…
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