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Just 3%

Intel, asked 2,700 teachers from 15 countries about technology in their schools. While 98% felt that technology was critical in preparing pupils for the workforce, three quarters also thought governments were not doing enough. 70% of teachers thought children should be provided with a personal laptop but only 3% had such access. (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/8457679.stm)

14 Jan ’10 0

Your Best Allies

In most schools, students are over 92% of the people in the system, and they are certainly the ones most affected by any change. Yet we often overlook them when we plan and implement visionary efforts like going 1:1. This does not have to be – students, if allowed to participate, can be powerful allies…
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10 Jan ’10 0

L4L Round 2

When its quiet, I really enjoy my reading, especially my Google RSS reader. Every time I get an hour to read I find at least a handful of thought provoking statements. Today its Clay Shirky, he’s a regular contributor. A revolution doesn’t happen when a society adopts new tools. It happens when society adopts new…
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7 Jan ’10 0

1-2-1 – Its Rarely that Simple.

We have started our planning for Sept 10 deployment , sounds rather military and in many ways it is. Hardware infrastructure and capacity, in-house or managed, wireless, image, accountability of parents / students (this includes documentation, AUPs and SLAs) the impact and teaching and the expectations of teachers. How to support hard to reach families,…
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12 Dec ’09 1

Netbook Update

With a delayed delivery (23 days), our netbook (L4L) project took a rather significant ‘respectability’ hit – however the team have delivered a strong response in terms of service and product. With the units delivered late our team worked morning and evenings to create and install the image and manage and modify the group policies to be…
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