Sub £200 Netbook 1-2-1

Hamble College started tracking netbook developments in 2008 following the launch of the Asus EEEPC the previous year. After a small scale pilot with 20 Toshiba NB100s in 2009 and a very reassuring visits to Arnewood School and Perins School…..

LftM Learning Focus

Part of the LftM Learning Journey, is a ‘Focus’ document. In making the paper decision, I have tried to reflect on the advice from my LftM coach yet be realistic about the time I wish to invest in Lftm (given…..

Just 3%

Intel,¬†asked 2,700 teachers from 15 countries about technology in their schools. While 98% felt that technology was critical in preparing pupils for the workforce, three quarters also thought governments were not doing enough. 70% of teachers thought children should be…..

Your Best Allies

In most schools, students are over 92% of the people in the system, and they are certainly the ones most affected by any change. Yet we often overlook them when we plan and implement visionary efforts like going 1:1. This…..