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Plans, cycles and spirals (part 4)

The case has been made for backwards planning, assessment biased, responsive teaching. Now for Successive Relearning. Why Successive Relearning? Why RememberMore? Learning is rarely a one-shot affair. Single, isolated experiences seldom give birth to learning. What creates or shapes learning, is a sequence of events or experiences, each building on the effects of the previous…
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15 Aug ’21 0

Plans, cycles and spirals (part 2)

Two months thinking, the model was now ready to share for a critical second opinion. Responsive Teaching – “relatively short teaching cycles with fortnight responsive teaching tasks (assessments) and whole class feedback lessons.” A bias towards the importance of assessment. Ausubel (1968) reference – know the learn, know what the learner already knows. The uncomfortable…
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13 Aug ’21 1

Reverse Instruction – See things differently

Reverse Instruction is an innovative instructional strategy that was originally used by chemistry teachers Aaron Sams and Jon Bergman. The basic idea involves having students watch recorded lectures at home and working on homework assignments at school and has more recently been referred to as flipped teaching. The reason I think I was intrigued by…
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13 Feb ’11 2