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Deeper, cleaner, leader, coach

I only have a little more experience than when I wrote my first post about Clean Language, – Deeper, cleaner, leader. Since then, I have been able to employ my fledgedly questions and listening skills. Question 1: And what kind of X (is that X)? “And what kind of X (is that X)” has lived…
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9 Mar ’19 0

Hive mind

Having taken an interest in Cultures of Thinking, I remain interested in conversations around the development of thinking, revealing thinking and therefore oracy. I listened to Professor Neil Mercer Tes Talk with great interest. Whilst he most definitely did not answer to provocative podcast title “How much of your lesson should be teacher talk?” The…
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9 May ’18 0

Cultures of Thinking – baking and teaching

I have for toyed with the idea of baking as an extended metaphor for teaching here and there. Fundamentally, both are part Science and part Art, complex processes that, to an extent, are unpredictable. In both cases, looks can be deceiving. This thinking has been reignited with the responsibility of leading and developing teaching, learning…
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22 Apr ’17 0

Cultures of Thinking

Back in January I attended our National In-service day. In between the big hitters, we were introduced to Cultures of Thinking #culturesofthinking courtesy of educational consultant Simon Brooks. His whistle stop tour, was exactly that. As part of the Headteachers meeting the following day, Simon led an impassioned and influential seminar, primarily through a worked example of See-Think-Wonder…
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13 Apr ’17 0