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Classrooms as Complex Adaptive Systems

In designing and building a teaching-instruction model, I was determined to enable the model to articulate. At least within the classroom, if not the wider Complex Adaptive System of the school in which it operates (of course schools then operate within the education system). That model is now posted as a series of five/six posts.…
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12 Aug ’21 5
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Complexity in classrooms

How lucky am I? Friday mornings start with an informal conversation about learning, being a teacher, a parent, with two great colleagues, sometimes coffee, a croissant and a smattering of “dad” jokes. (I spare you). N is funnier than I am. H is more creative than I am. For that I am grateful. This post…
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21 May ’21 0

Complexity in school leadership #3

This morning I am reflecting on a years journey, as a member of Canon Teaching School Alliance’s – ‘Working with Complexity in School Leadership’. An investment of six Saturday mornings, over 12+ months, with six participants, spanning a summer break, which I think was well worth the effort. Each session included a session speaker from…
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13 Nov ’17 0

The picture on the box keeps changing

Leading is like working on a puzzle without the cover. Leading is rarely stable, nor should it be. The organisation is in constant flux. You have to play the cards you have, not the ones you wish you did. Hence the leadershp quote struck a cord.

18 May ’17 0

Complexity in school leadership #2

I had learnt my lesson. This session, I was prepared and ready to make notes. Session input came from Dr Kevin Flinn, Head of Leadership and Organisational Development. Kevin made a very conscientious effort to personally meet and connect with each member of the group before we convened and he shared his background, current leadership inquiries and interests. Below…
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26 Mar ’17 0

Complexity in school leadership #1

I am cautiously, heading back down the rabbit hole. I was invited to take part in an experimental leadership course, hosted by Canon Park Teaching Alliance, in conjunction with the University of Hertfordshire Business School. Outline Six participants come together to engage with ‘Encountering Complexity in School Leadership.’ Sessions are stimulated by a 45 minute presentation…
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26 Mar ’17 0