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Swamps the new rainforest?

Classrooms are messy and complex, a veritable swamp of interactions. After the testing effect, retrieval practice here are four that we have been exploring at length with RememberMore: spacing, interleaving confidence, motivation and interleaving. Spacingand interleaving (metacognition, confidence) Most recently, working in Year 7 maths classrooms, Emeny, Hartwig & Rohrer (2021) reported that spaced practice…
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31 Jul ’21 0

Ahead of the report…

If you are interested in “Cognitive Science in the Classroom” then the #RushHourResearch presentation from Dr Tom Perry (08.07.21) is an interesting hours watch. Particularly the headlines. Headlines Teachers should have working knowledge of cognitive science principles. But also it’s gaps and limitations. Cognitive science does matter it does seem to affect rates of learning substantially. That…
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9 Jul ’21 1

How Learning Happens

Seminal Works in Educational Psychology and What They Mean in Practice Paul A. Kirschner & Carl Hendrick More often than not, over the weekend, I try and set aside time to read and summarise a research paper or two. This weekend, I set aside time to curate the “Suggested reading and links” from Paul A,…
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20 Jun ’21 1