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Sunday trefoil – trust, culture and climate 06.10.19

Lack of trust makes simple work slow and easy work difficult. Joel Peterson The development of trust with organisations is an area of professional interest preoccupation. From the scientific explanation of Oxytocin, to the practical advice of Dr Paul Browning, to leading at the speed of trust and to consequences of mistrust. How we create…
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6 Oct ’19 0

Ands and Whats

In the summer, one of the managemment and teaching recommendations I made was to place the use of the word ‘but’ with ‘and.’ It is a very small change but nevertheless changes the tone of the conversation completely. Here is another simple replacement. Every teacher has to address behaviour in their classrooms, unfortunately there are…
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4 Jan ’11 0

Casting the dice

Each Monday I teach 26/31 students from a middle band Yr 10 Class in the morning. In the afternoon, I teach 17 of the original 26 students, plus a further 7 new students. (Finally on Wednesday morning, I teach a very small, but productive group of 11/31) Sequential teaching is proving a real challenge as…
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28 Jan ’10 0

AB Tutor Version 6

Here at Hamble College we use ABTutor as our classroom management software. We have found the software first class, very reasonably priced (considering with have 4 bespoke ICT rooms) and the IT the support excellent. We are now eargely awaiting the launch of Version 6. A new UI, multi-classroom watch, (useful for IT Technicians) communication tools, plus new features such as…
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9 Jan ’09 0