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RememberMore in a year

With 18 months experience of teaching with RememberMore here is what I would share with schools looking to stabilise a school in flux or recession and why RememberMore may just be part of the solution. RememberMore is one part routine maker / behaviour barometer, one part teacher professional development and curriculum definer and three parts…
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27 Jul ’21 0

The only constant maybe change

At the macro level, education is in a perpetual cycle of change. Policy, accountability and curriculum frameworks have school in a spin. Schools themselves (or groups of school) evolve, priorities are reshaped or reformed and the same could be said about school buildings and grounds. Staff are transitory. As a school leader, I was raised…
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31 Mar ’18 0

Technology for Change

Technology is changing us whether we want it to or not. It either changes us directly or its changing the people that interactive and impact upon us or it changes the way in which we interact. That got me thinking about technology in my school, in my lessons, and I feel that George Siemens summed…
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7 Sep ’11 0

Slow Change

Recently I have enjoyed the visual presentation, as well as the commentary on dangerouslyirrelevant. This has certainly led me to consider how information can be presented on our new college website we have been developing. So far my Joomla has been very positive, but I will let others make the final decision, in fact we…
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27 Oct ’08 0


The WWW was conceived 16 years ago. So this years graduates were born and grow up with the future in their horizons. What will those graduating in 2020 experience? Read more at Ewans blog. I was reminded about this fact listening to Ewans presentation from somewhere I was not, and didn’t need to be.

5 Mar ’08 0

First Full Week

The first full week, can is see light at the end of the tunnel? Where did I get it right and where should I have tried something different. Can I digestion all of the information I am gathering and use it to good effect? Monday, I can hardly remember the beginning of the week but…
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9 Jan ’08 0