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Chicken and motivation or success

What came first? Motivation or Success? A debate most staff rooms have hosted on numerous occasions. For most of my career I believed that motivated students did well academically. Because they were motivated. And so, I sought out opportunities to teach motivated students. Top sets students (not that I was correct). I thought that motivated…
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4 Aug ’21 0

Achievement-wellbeing trade-off

New research shows that there is little correlation between pupil happiness and their grade performance. That conclusion may seem counterintuitive to educationalists, that said, the report was written by an economist. The reports position is that on average, traditional, teacher-centred methods are more effective from a learning perspective than the progressive ‘child-centred’ teaching methods widely…
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16 Nov ’18 0

Knowing our students

Significant accountability*, curriculum and assessment reform is impacting upon our schools. There is barely pause for breath before adding careers guidance reform, the SEN Code of Practice, [breathe] pay and conditions reform is front with centre and capital funding rarely removed from the review / todo list. It is reassuring that government is engaging “closely and constructively with the profession…
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29 Oct ’14 0

Boys achievement

Sticking on the ‘narrowing the gap’ agenda I created a poster for the staffroom and staff work areas. Again, help yourself. The resoultion is should be sufficient for an A4 poster. The quote is adapted from the most recent DFE Statistical First Release ‘GCSE and equivalent attainment by pupil characteristics in England 2011-12.’    …
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29 Mar ’13 0

23 Strategies for raising boys’ achievement with and without Triptico

We are just about to launch Triptico Plus to the schools teaching community. Despite just a handful of teachers being formally introduced to Triptico (note the lack of plus), I am not surprised by how many staff have ushered in the new networked Triptico Plus version complete with ‘load from cloud’ option and a handful of extra app. The release of Triptico is…
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28 Mar ’13 2

Leading achievement and progress

I would be very surprised if a school leader who is leading achievement and progress, reflected, and suggested that their role was dull. Yes, I spend a good deal of time preparing and exploring data sets, however, its how I see the connections between these data sets up, seek out opportunities for student progress that is…
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17 Nov ’12 0