Digital leader logoDI am pleased to announce that as on the SSAT National Conference, The SSAT, Toshiba and Brother will be taking the lead with the Digital Leaders programme.

As more and more school enquired about the programme it was clear we had re-created a programme with value and that the SSAT would be able to take the programme much further than I could alone.

Digital Leaders are positions of responsibility for students with an interest ICT. These student leaders are a central to the ICT and ICTAC strategy at our school.

The Digital Leaders inform our ICT strategy, contribute to the development our of Learning Platform (Skoogle/Moodle), future CPD activities and our Laptops for Learning L4L project (1-2-1). Our Digital Leaders also cover a range of our school productions and events as well as presenting at local and national conferences.

For more information in getting started, visit Vital or get in contact with Paul Hynes at the SSAT.

Aims of Digital Leaders

  • Connecting teachers with students through sharing a passion for technology
  • Students supporting teachers with technology
  • Connecting teachers through their passion for sharing technology with students

Digital Media and Gaming Club

The Digital Media and Gaming Club is an ICT project aimed at raising student attainment, building relationships and enthusing students about ICT. Held every Wednesday afternoon and with a slant towards i-media and gaming it easily attracts boys, to compensate we actively encourage and support our female students to join. Each week we start with an hour of digital media, software, exploration and activities such as image manipulation, programming and animation, often just out of reach of our taught curriculum that we are currently developing and innovating.  The second hour is network gaming using tested morgueware (games no longer under copyright) with either design, strategy or collaboration at its core. The balance of ICT and gaming is still under review. Andrew Sangster, my colleague, has sourced and provide a range of morgueware, wrapped in a control menu system only available outside curriculum time or when permitted. Always growing, the menu system includes such titles as;

1. First Person Shooters; Alien Arena 2008 , America’s Army, OpenArena, Tremulous, UrbanTerror, Warsow, Wolfenstein – Enemy Territory and World of Padman.

2. Misc Games; Armagetron Advanced, BZ Flag, Savage – Battle For Newerth, TeeWorlds , Walaber’s Trampoline and Wormux.

3. Racing Games; Super Tux Kart and TrackMania Nations ESWC

4. Real Time Strategy Games; C and C Red Alert, Spring.

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