“The best way to predict the future is to go and invent it.” Alan Kay (Martin Peterson presentation). It looks like you could be new here, so thanks for dropping by. If you are indeed returning, then welcome back and if you are a glutton for punishment, you can subscribe RSS feed. Thanks for visiting.Thanks for popping back. It would be great to read your comments. .... Read more and bookmark.

26 Jan ’08 0

Network and Nodes

Tom Barrett asked for comments on his blog, in preparation for the SLICT meeting being held at his school, so I responded. Tom is a good friend and has shown that there is more to PLN (Personal Learning Networks) than networking. #1 Having recently accepted an edtech post just 12 days ago, I am hardly in a position to provide a comprehensive answer. However, this is a summary of what I have .... Read more and bookmark.

20 Jan ’08 0

How to Assess Progress

So a summary of the week is required, but how do you assess progress and in which areas? I have had a large white board put up in my office, on it I record the key jobs for the week and monitor my daily duties in three areas. Teaching, Administration and Network. I am not sure if these are the most appropriate titles but its a start. Teaching Classes more stable, still issue of discipline .... Read more and bookmark.

19 Jan ’08 0


Thursday / FridayI still need to set a routine for the start of my working day, to include; Staffroom – pigeon hole / cover Check email Set the learning environment. Still no laptop and therefore can not work in my office, distracted by supporting students. Variable teaching environments observed. More student consultations, I anticipate two more weeks of challenging students. Almost .... Read more and bookmark.

12 Jan ’08 0

First Full Week

The first full week, can is see light at the end of the tunnel? Where did I get it right and where should I have tried something different. Can I digestion all of the information I am gathering and use it to good effect? Monday, I can hardly remember the beginning of the week but I do remember my first positive response from the students. A Year 10 class that enjoyed their lesson and worked .... Read more and bookmark.

9 Jan ’08 0

First Impressions

I have now spent two days at Hamble. I felt that it was important to reflect on both the Department and the teaching experience. Leadership The first two days incorporated a series of small but significant challenges, including get the physical environment structured, removal of unused hardware, locks, keys, chairs, noticeboards, office, timetables…. There are still a number of further issues .... Read more and bookmark.

5 Jan ’08 0